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You can start with $ 2 or $ 10 or $ 15 payment once with payza or bitcoins. You enter the matrix 3 x 9 that recycles the positions and once you win $ 100 you give back $ 20 to buy a new subscription.
  Or view cash links and use the  extra money to buy new positions!  
  You earn referral commissions even as a free member!
  It will soon have its own currency that will be traded through poloniex trading!
  If you promote it ,you get 10% and extra benefits!
 ****if you are a leader , let me know*** I have some good news for you ******
 See here video presentation

Updates from #PACADS Admin
Lots of Updates, lot of working is going on PACADS,  Yes i can say PACADS is faster then before
PACADS is here to pay you, and we are trying for that to pay back as soon as possible to members and grow this program as much as we can.
PACADS can be your no 1 earning source in near future, please read this update till last and try to understand about PACADS PLAN.

Phase 1 Updated 
No change, Please don't misunderstand about it, there is no changing in Plan But its more faster then before and we reduced Positions and increase return, because PACADS want to pay members faster so they should join $100 club and understand what is actually PACADS, we reduced levels and Increase return so you will see result very soon its more faster then before,  so where you was received $1 in phase level now $2 you will receive mean your income will double and as soon as you will join $100 Club which is our vision because members can't understand without join $100 Club, $100 Club mean you earn $100 from PACADS, we are trying to add more and members in it because members will understand that PACADS cant be stall and top members and sponsor will placed position under them, so it will repeat again and again, Big question is potenital is decrease answer is no, how? Million dollars question, because you will receive 40 positions when you will cycle Phase , because whenever you will receive $100 need to pay back and you will receive 1 position, so $4000 you will receive and if you know simple math, 4000/100 =40  so 40 more position will be in system and yoru potential income is 40x4000= $160,000, now its faster then before and more potential.

We are patching up with lot of advertisement companies and trying to grab more members after 7 days day and night work and lot of support from supporters recently we have 240 Positions in Phase 1, which was nothing because in we were expectiing on launch more then 500 Phase 1 position but unfortunately 60% did not understand PACADS plan because of membership, but we are trying to brief to our members that is not monthly or weekly membership fee, fee you will when you will earn more then 500% and pay back just 20% .  now Phase 1 due to reduce no of required position program demand is also decreased, now we have 240 positions in program if each and every members purchase 1 more position in phase 1 then result will start and it will shoot up, because we update mnay time program is depend on positions not members,

Phase 1 DAILY Purchasing.
 We skipped daily max purchase restriction and now you can purchase more then 10 positions per day iin phase 1, Guys some thing big is going to happen soon , you need to lock your spot and i am pretty sure people who are very smart will analyze this plan and they will purchased position smartly because program is going to next level with in few weeks, first we were demanding to shoot our program 2187 Position but now we need total 1000 Position to shoot this program and pay you $100 weekly,

INSTANT CASH OUT Will available shortly in Coin payments actually i was thinking to lock all bitcoin in Vault for 24 hours and i did but when i try to unlock after 6 hours it did not allow me,  but still we process withdraw manually and if any one is mising will paid shortly, Guys now ball in yoru court now you want boost this program with grab members or add more positions your self and make money,

Members are asking about PIF and some people request to open PIF for downliners in Micro phase, guys we are ready, if you want PIF to your downlines, contact us in Skype, facebook, telegram, more then 16 hours i am available to help you, you need to send payment and we will ad PIF to yoru downliners in seconds, we are ready to accept each and every suggesstion who will boost program, Guys this week only we need to work togther and grab people in PACADS and bright future ahead,

      Guys Cash links entirely depends upon Phase 1 purchasing. at initial stages admin was floating cash links but now it’s solely depend on you. Now you can advertise & help other members freely. If you will purchase Phase 1 then you will be received 50 PTC Credit worth’s of $1 free. After purchasing 1 Login into dashboard go to Manage Cash links and there can manage your cash links with few simple steps. Members who are purchasing Phase 1 if they are your referrals tell them to add cash links so it will help to other members who are earning free from cash links.

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Skype :
Facebook : 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The VIP Team Review - Earn Every Second (Pays Daily Profit)

THE VIP TEAM is the First and Only University in the World that PAYS the STUDENT to STUDY. Come Join us

  • 5000$ Demo account provided free

  • Watch the videos & complete 3 steps

  • after completion 100$ is added to your LIVE A/C

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NEW VIDEO # 1: Quick Overview Tour of your VIP BACK OFFICE - Join us @


First Steps for Newcomers in the VIP Team and in this group.
Welcome to this group and as a new Member of the VIP team!
BEFORE you ask questions like:
“What is this all about”?
“How can I earn money here”?
“Can someone show what kind of money is made here”?
“Can I use my bonus $100 to upgrade”?
“Can I withdraw my $100 bonus”?
YOU MUST make sure you have done all of the following:
1. Log into your Back Office and watch ALL the videos so often (again and again) until you understand how the system works and what the program is about. Log in here:
2. Watch the videos explaining how the back office works.
3. Read the group description and ABIDE BY THE RULES!
4. Join the Skype Support Group in a language of your choice.
5. Read through as many of the posts here as possible. Most questions have been answered again and again.

VIP Info Videos: In your Back Office Watch these FIRST!
Explaining the VIP Back Office